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George Lower - Singer/Songwriter

George is an award winning singer/songwriter with more than twenty years experience performing in a variety of venues from churches and coffeehouses to local bars. He is a third generation Floridian who grew up in Alachua, Florida; and, he studied guitar as a child under the tutelage of deceased Gainesville jazz guitar legend, Charles Bush, Jr. George’s songwriting includes both sacred and secular songs. It was in 2011 when he began to focus on writing modern folk songs that reflected his love and passion for Florida. Ultimately, George released an EP titled “Hold My Hand” in October 2013. This was the beginning of a two-year long process of researching and writing folk songs that reflect aspects of Florida history and culture. He released a short 2 song EP containing the titles “I Think of You” and “City of Hawkinsville” in early 2015. In November 2015 George expanded this short release into a full-length studio album “Sunshine State of Mind” produced by Rain Music’s Nick Coetzee and recorded at the prestigious Watershed Studios in Nashville, TN.


 The song “Sunshine State of Mind” is available for free at



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Upcoming Events

  • September 13, 2019
    St. Jude Catholic Church, Allen, TX